The Mindxcite® Story

Mindxcite® is a Leadership Development  and Executive Coaching business that seeks to inspire leaders to understand and use mind-brain based science to improve themselves and their teams. We provide a safe environment to explore how changed thinking can create clarity and drive new perspectives. Personal growth is at the core of the coaching process.

We have incorporated relevant knowledge from a number of disciplines to develop your understanding of how your mind influences your thoughts, actions and feelings. This is integral to your leadership style.


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Leading from Your Strengths and Values

Executive coaching helps to unlock your potential to become a leader who is in the vanguard of change. Self-awareness, effective communication and continued personal development are the keys for inspirational leaders. We help you to identify and lead from you strengths and values. 

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Leading with Your Brain in Mind

If you are a new or emerging leader we offer leadership coaching to support you in understanding what makes for effective leadership in today's world. We help you to understand the key leadership principles from the fields of Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Neuroleadership and how to action these to become a more effective leader.

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Focus on Women Leaders and Emerging Leaders

About/About Coaching

At Mindxcite® we specialise in leadership development  and executive coaching for leaders and emerging leaders, who are looking for clarity and new perspectives to inform future directions. Our programs are based on current best evidence-based practice from psychology, applied neuroscience and leadership development.

Specialty Areas: Leadership Development; Effective Communication; Peak Performance; Change Management; Growth Mindset; Executive Coaching


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ProactivEngagement™ Program

Promoting Personal and Professional Growth

In this program you will explore:

  • the impact of mindset on your development
  • the importance of focused attention
  • the value of mindful awareness practices
  • the power of intentions and goals
  • the influence of routines and habits on change
  • the essentials of decision making
  • the essence of communication and listening skills

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How to Overcome Procrastination by Understanding the Neuroscience and Neuropsychology of Its Origins


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