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Mindxcite® is a Leadership Development and Executive Coaching business that seeks to inspire leaders to understand and use mind-brain based science to improve themselves and their teams. We provide a safe environment to explore how changed thinking can create clarity and drive new perspectives. Personal growth is at the core of the coaching process.

We believe that the path to becoming an inspired leader is through ongoing personal development that creates high levels of self-awareness to be able to lead from a place of authenticity. Research into executive coaching has identified the benefits of coaching in raising leader’s self-awareness and promoting positive changes in behaviour that promote leadership performance and effectiveness. Executive Coaching Survey ’14 Evidence and Interaction - 9th Annual Report, © 2014 Sherpa Coaching

To stay in the forefront of the latest behaviour research we have incorporated into our coaching and training programs, relevant knowledge from psychology, applied neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology. Understanding how your brain influences how you think, how you act and how you feel, is integral to the way you make decisions at all levels of your professional and personal life.

Carol Appleby ACC

Carol is a registered psychologist, with the Psychology Board of Australia, and a credentialed coach, Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and the International Society of Coaching Psychologists.

Carol’s career has spanned over 30 years and involved three key professions - teacher, psychologist and coaching psychologist. She has held an executive position within the Department of Education and Communities, New South Wales, and understands the many challenges of managing a highly skilled group of professional psychologists. She has also held the position of Chairperson of a state chapter of a national association for counselling psychologists, the Australian Guidance and Counselling Association. In this role Carol experienced the many challenges involved in leading a professional organisation. The primary role of this organisation was in providing professional development and training for school based psychologists.

Carol is skilled at understanding people and their behaviour; what drives them to experience success and what can be stopping them from flourishing in their life. Leading an authentic life enables you to integrate your values and strengths to achieve a sense of wellbeing and joy.

Helping leaders and emerging leaders to get to this place is what Carol does best.

Carols’ background in psychology has given her a broad range of experience in working with others to help them to lead from their strengths and to achieve their personal and professional goals. She enjoys working with leaders who are ready to invest in themselves and to start taking the first steps to creating resonant relationships that will sustain them in their personal life and professional career.  Dissonant relationships drain energy levels, leading to unhealthy levels of stress that have a negative affect on performance. Resonant relationships create positive energy, which replenishes physical and emotional reserves to counterbalance the potential for burnout.

Carol has developed high level listening skills that enable her to hear what you are saying and what you are not saying. It is these skills that enable her to ask you the challenging questions that create clarity and new perspectives to help you align with your values, purpose and aspirational goals.

Carol has expert knowledge in: positive psychology, emotional intelligence, motivational theory, cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness based practices, resilience, stress management, communication, mindset theory, resonant leadership and interpersonal neurobiology. All of these factors can be integrated to assist both the established leader and the emerging leader to perform at their optimal level.



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Jon Appleby

Jon is a registered psychologist, with the Psychology Board of Australia, and a member of the Australian Psychological Society. He has over 30 years of experience as a psychologist and has worked with thousands of clients over this time. Jon also has specialised formal post graduate training in neuropsychology. He enjoys condensing complex information into practical and useful strategies to assist with personal growth.

Jon is interested in the growing body of findings in applied neuroscience and how they can be translated into practical applications to assist individuals to develop new skills and patterns of behaviour that enhance personal and professional wellbeing. He draws on this knowledge and his extensive experience with people to help individuals better understand how the mind can be used to influence the brain and in turn develop to their maximum potential. He is skilled at understanding people and their behaviour, and by using information about how the mind and brain interact he helps to demystify some of the challenges we may experience in letting go of behaviours that may have outgrown their usefulness and developing behaviours to deal with new challenges.

Jon’s career has encompassed three key professions - teacher, psychologist and neuropsychologist. He has worked in executive positions within the Department of Education and Communities, New South Wales, supervising groups of professional psychologists. This experience highlighted the challenges of managing a group of diverse personalities who were accustomed to acting as autonomous professionals. He was for many years a member of the Psychological Assessment Advisory Committee that reviewed and recommended specific psychological tests for school based psychologists.

Jon also held the elected position of NSW state representative on the national executive of an association for school psychologists and counsellors, the Australian Guidance and Counselling Association (AGCA). In this role Jon experienced the challenges involved in planning professional development activities for both early career and experienced psychologists. He also presented training programs on behalf of the AGCA and he has enjoyed developing and presenting professional training programs at district, regional and state level within the Department of Education. Jon has also been an invited guest lecturer in both the School of Psychology and Faculty of Education, at the University of Sydney, and the Department of Psychology, at Macquarie University.

Jon brings together knowledge in: psychology, neuropsychology, applied neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology, brain based therapy, memory and learning, cognitive assessment, emotion regulation, cognitive behaviour therapy, mindset theory, and mindfulness based practices. Knowledge from these diverse fields can be integrated to assist anyone to reach their true potential by often working smarter rather than harder. If you are ready to be challenged, reflect on how you think, stretch your brain, question and deal with uncertainty, entertain the idea of changing, get enthusiastic about yourself and have some fun, then join us at Mindxcite to find your purpose and your passion in life, and approach the future with a sense of curiosity, openness, and acceptance of the possibility of change and growth.

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Carol Appleby ACC

Jon Appleby