Group and Team Coaching

What is group coaching?                

Group coaching (Britton, 2010) is the fusing together of the principles, skills and practices from the realm of group development, coaching and facilitation and can be defined as:

“ a small-group process throughout which there is the application of coaching principles for the purposes of personal or professional development, the achievement of goals, or greater self-awareness, along thematic or non-thematic lines”. Jennifer Britton, MES, CPT, CPCC, Potentials Realised.

Group coaching incorporates the basic tenets of coaching within a group process. It leverages the collective wisdom and support of the group, while making it a safe and respectful environment.

In general terms, group coaching:

·      Is a dialogue-rich, group-sharing format that is facilitated by a coach 

·      Focuses on personal and professional growth of each group member

·      Leverages the insights and wisdom of individual members in a group

The members of the group will vary depending on the context.

Group Coaching is great for solving complex problems because it guides and supports group members to closely clarify the problems, identify powerful strategies to solve them, and specify relevant and realistic actions to implement those strategies.  Members can share support and be accountable to take those actions.

The close engagement among members and their strong focus on helping each other can quickly form a close and confidential bond in which members come to rely on each other to achieve the goal of the team.

Group Coaching and the change process

How does Group Coaching help with the change process?

Unless a change effort has the complete buy-in, participation and commitment of employees, then the change effort is not likely to be successful.  That engagement has to start with the employees being authentic - open, honest and direct about what they are experiencing.  They need to feel listened to - and respected.  That can occur in these groups.

What is team coaching?

Group coaching incorporates a range of models one of which is team coaching.  A team may be defined as a group of people whose members all have the same purpose and goals, and work together in the same organisation.

Customised team coaching programs can be arranged to work with teams who want to:

·      Navigate change more easily

·      Accelerate productivity and performance

·      Explore and utilise the unique strengths and capabilities of the team

·      Create greater trust and enhanced quality of relationships amongst team members

·      Build teamwork (communication, ability to have difficult conversations, clearer direction)

·      Clarify roles and responsibilities

·      Create a shared vision and values framework

·      Create team agreements that support shared behavioural practices to navigate ongoing change and difficult conversations

·      Expand their leadership capacity

·      Develop accountability for their results

Group coaching is known to help break down barriers to communication, build trust and solve specific and practical problems in organisations. An interpersonal learning process, it can create the impetus for change. 

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