Personal Coaching

At Mindxcite® we are trained professionals in psychology and coaching. Our chief coaching psychologist, Carol Appleby, is a credentialed coach with the International Coach Federation.

Personal coaching at Mindxcite® is all about helping you to flourish and achieve a positive sense of well being in all areas of your life.

Life can have a way of moving in a somewhat comfortable pattern – causing you to forget previously held dreams and visions for your life.

You can be having the life that you want with increased energy, satisfying relationships and a future that fits with your ideal vision.

To achieve this we at Mindxcite® can assist you to work on the NOW so that you can start closing the gap between your present situation and living your ideal vision.

You are the expert in your life and we aim to work in partnership with you in developing realistic and achievable actions to help you to reach your goals.

The power of coaching is that your coach will keep you accountable for your intentions to follow through with your action plans. Your coach will expect that you will put in the effort to realise the changes in your life and to achieve your goals.


Celebration of your achievements is a powerful motivator. We acknowledge your progress and encourage you to celebrate your accomplishments.

If you are reading this and thinking I know I want more from my life but when I try to get a clear picture of what I want the vision is fuzzy, then we help you to fine tune and get clarity around your vision for the future. Once you have connected with your vision the action plan and steps that are right for you start to flow.

It is when your authentic vision becomes strong that the NOW and the FUTURE become positively connected, to achieve success.

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