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The Coaching Clinic®

What is it?

The Coaching Clinic® is a two-day leadership programme designed to train managers, executives, leaders and supervisors to use coaching techniques in their work relationships, and thus gain the advantages of bringing a coach approach to managing people.

What it does

Corporate Coach U's The Coaching Clinic® provides a coaching toolkit of knowledge, techniques and practiced skills that managers and leaders can apply competently and confidently in their work situation to gain immediate benefits. Applying these skills spurs rapid development of individuals and teams, and fosters leadership potential. Applying skills learned in The Coaching Clinic® has been shown to:

  • promote innovation and accelerate results
  • effectively develop and retain valuable organisational members
  • improve organisational communication and team effectiveness. and
  • deepen commitment to personal, professional and organisational goals.

Who is it for?

Attending The Coaching Clinic® will benefit anyone in a supervisory, leadership or team-based role in any kind of organisation, large or small. Now available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean, more than 40,000 managers and coaches around the world have learned coaching skills through The Coaching Clinic®.

What to expect

During the two-day Coaching Clinic programme, participants discover and experience how to inspire others to believe in their own success, sharpen their focus, and make radical shifts to achieve extraordinary results. All through state-of-the-art coaching techniques. Participants also discover their personal coaching style using the Personal Coaching Styles Inventory® (PCSI), which provides insights into how best to communicate with their team members for rapid development.

Coaching Clinic® participants:

  • discover coaching as a powerful management and leadership model
  • learn, experience and practice state-of-the-art coaching techniques
  • understand the structure and process of integrating a coach approach to management, and
  • find out how to apply learning within the workplace immediately.

The Coaching Clinic® equips managers and leaders to 'show up' as coaches in their working relationships. Workplace coaching expands beyond performance review to become part of every workplace interaction, whether formal or informal.

To support their ongoing development of a coach approach to workplace interactions all Coaching Clinic® Participants receive:

  • The Coaching Clinic® Workbook
  • The Personal Coaching Styles Inventory® (PCSI)
  • Coaching Conversation Model


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