A Program for promoting Personal and Professional Growth

In this program you will experience how small shifts in key behaviours can create big changes in your relationships both personally and professionally. By training your mind you can create new neural pathways that can optimise your personal development, the key to improved performance and wellbeing.

  • The impact of MINDSET on success -
    • Mindset impacts on how you face and cope with challenges
    • Learn about the two key mindsets
    • Find out which mindset fits the way you approach challenges both professional and personal
    • Explore the impact of mindset on stress perception
  • The importance of FOCUSED ATTENTION -
    • Focused attention is the optimum state for learning and decision making
    • Multi-tasking leads to divided attention, learn how this impacts on your productivity.
    • Learn when to use focused attention for maximum benefit in your daily routine.
    • Develop an understanding of the limitations of “top down” attention and how to manage it to your advantage.
  • The power of INTENTIONS and GOALS -
    • Discover how intentions are at the core of your values and preferred future.
    • Learn how to develop goals that are in harmony with your core values.
    • I hear you saying “goals haven’t work for me before!” Let us show you how to create action plans that will bring your goals to fruition.
  • The importance of HABITS and ROUTINES on your success -
    • Are habits GOOD or are they BAD?
    • Understand how habits develop and how they become unconscious.
    • Learn about the neuroscience of habits to gain insight into how we make and how we can break habits.
    • What are keystone habits? How are these influential for wellbeing?
    • Explore the power of habits and routines in helping to better cope with the challenges of change.
  • The essentials of DECISION-MAKING -
    • Learn about the unforeseen impact of unconscious biases on decision-making.
    • Explore techniques to assist with conscious decision-making.
    • Incorporate decision-planning strategies to minimise decision fatigue.
    • How to increase willpower and self-regulation to manage impulsive responses.
    • The paradox of choice.
  • The essence of effective COMMUNICATION and LISTENING SKILLS -
    • Learn about communication styles.
    • Keys to listening proactively.
    • The link between effective communication and emotional intelligence.




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