Five Keys to Giving Effective Feedback

The word “feedback” is shaded in ambivalence; at one level it is important to let others know how they are performing and at another level it can create tension around how to provide feedback in a way that produces positive change in the recipient’s performance. In this article I discuss five key things that you can do to promote effective feedback to your team.

Published on 7/27/2015


Habits emerge through associative learning. We develop patterns of behaviour that allow us to achieve goals. We repeat what works and gradually we form associations between specific cues and responses. Much of our daily life becomes governed by habits that we have developed over our lifetime. Habits are a way of the brain “acting without thinking”. Conscious control of our minute-by-minute behaviour is very energy expensive, so the brain tries to transfer repetitive patterns of behaviour from conscious (energy expensive) to unconscious (energy efficient) control. Habits form when a new pattern of behaviour creates communication between the prefrontal cortex (the conscious, thinking brain) and the striatum (part of the subcortical, unconscious brain).


Published on 11/4/2014

Energy - we all want more

To improve energy and vitality it is important to look at lifestyle. By being honest and looking at certain key lifestyle factors you can start to make a difference to how you feel both physically and mentally. By looking after our bodies and our minds we are able to manage the stresses of everyday life. In this article I provide 10 tips on how to boost your energy by paying attention to your lifestyle.





Published on 8/17/2014

Making Time Work for You

Time is a finite resource although most of us treat time as if it is infinite. In this article you will find 5 strategies to help you to manage your time and get more from your day.





Published on 8/17/2014

Leadership - are you a 'warrior' or 'worrier'?

Are leaders born, or are leaders made? In this article we explore the nature of leadership and how behavioural genetics predisposes us to be either "Warriors" or Worriers". The differing effects of stress on brain functioning is explored and the steps that can be taken to actively intervene to control your genetic predisposition. By understanding your personal neurobiology you are better placed to manage stress more effectively.




Published on 8/14/2014

Goal Success - turn your future vision into reality


What does it mean to WOW your goals?

Basically what this means is that to achieve goals you need to:

  • Want it
  • Own it
  • Work at achieving it

Think about the successes and achievements in your life. They usually came from you investing time and energy into making them happen. 




Published on 2/13/2014

Mindfulness for Everyday

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is being grounded in the present moment, being in tune with our senses and being able to focus our attention to the task at hand. In being mindful you know where your attention is at any point in time and are able to choose where to direct it. It is also about taking a non-judgmental approach to one’s experiences in the present moment and adopting an attitude of curiosity, openness and acceptance.

Published on 2/13/2014

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